I saw myself back at this place. It was a late lunch and I wanted something fast and reliable. I had come here the last time I was in Melbourne and people keep talking about out and I wanted to try something that was not dumpling orientated, as I only had dumplings the last time.

Braised Beef in Hot & Spicy Noodle Soup

This was great and served in a big bowl with lots of soup, noodles and braised beef. The soup was hot and spicy and you could feel/taste the whole pepper corns in the soup. The noodles tasted fresh and cooked really nicely, they went really well with the soup. The star of the soup is the braised beef. It was nicely cooked, tender and had a great favour to it. When you mix it with the noodles it was just so good.

Signature Steamed Juicy Bao (Pork Xiao Long Bao)

As you can not get any good Xiao Long Bao in Wellington. I had to order some and eat them. I also had learnt recently how to eat theses properly and I wanted to give it a try. These Xiao Long Bao’s were fantastic, with great filling and thin skins. They are served steaming hot and all you want to do is eat them and burn your mouth, instead of waiting for them to cool down. I eat mine my bao with chilli oil and vinegar, and it creates a good dipping sauce for them. I also learnt you bite the top of the bao first and then suck the juice out. Then you eat the filing and skin together. Such an easy way to eat them and a lot less mess.

I can see why people talk about this place and also not surprised that people line up to eat here. The food is served fresh, the qualities are generous and the food is relatively cheap for what they make. What else do you want to eat. 

Previous Visit; August 2016

Facebook; Juicy Bao

Address; 178 Little Bourke St, Melbourne