I was walking into Melbourne Central and remembered that Sandy told me about this place. As you may know I have a weakness for fried chicken so I thought I would give this place a tried. They have a takeaway shop at one of  the entries of Melbourne Central but also have one where there are more seats at the food court. As there was a free seat at the street level stall I decided to eat there.

Fried Chicken; Swicy

I had to go with the swicy because they had sold out of the freaking hot. The chicken was nicely cooked and the flavoring was alright. The shame is that even though they make the chicken to order the chicken. I thought the chicken would be hotter in temperature, it was only warm. The skin was crispy and had a lot of sauce on it.

So I got a four piece pack and it also came with two sides of coleslaw and pickled radish. The coleslaw was alright. It was quite creamy from the mayo but would benefit your mouth if you found the chicken to be too hot. The pickled radish was nice and very refreshing. Had a good sweetness and sourness to it.

The great thing about this place is it gives you disposable gloves to eat your chicken with. It did make it a lot easier and a lot more tidier. The chicken is alright,nothing really to rave on about but it least I have given it a try.

Website: Nene Chicken

Address: L01/Lot 147 La Trobe St, Melbourne