Was walking around the city and found this little coffee shop. It is a small shop with not really anywhere to sit, but has a full array of coffee brewing equipment, looked tidy and modern. I did some research outside before I went in and was rather impressed with their website and teaching you how to brew your beans with all the different brewing equipment. So I decided to give them a try.

Flat White

Not sure if I would call this coffee. It is s very light coffee and taste very much like a latte vs a flat white. Is quite a sweet coffee even though I did not put any sugar in it. It is also quite light and no bitterness or depth in the coffee. I thought the flat white was not good.

If you like your coffee I would give this place a miss, but if you are want brewing equipment then come this little shop. If you want to know how to brew with your different coffee devices then I would suggest you visit their website as it looked good. This place also sells their own beans which potentially could be quite nice, but I would personally only try their single origin beans.

Website; Padre Coffee

Address; Royal Arcade, 48 Elizabeth St, Melbourne