For years, Laksa King has and still is one of the top ranked places to get a Curry Laksa in Melbourne. This is another place that I tried when I lived in Melbourne and liked it and I thought I would give it another try. This place does get very much and does have a cheaper lunch menu on some items but not all like the curry laksa which disappointed me.

Curry Laksa – Chicken


The serving here is very generous and had quite a bit of chicken, quite a bit of deep fried shallots and a big piece of eggplant (which I do not eat). There was also some deep fried tofu, which were really nice as the skin had a nice texture while the inside was nice and smooth like Chinese steamed egg. The chicken was really nice and the shallots added a nice taste to the laksa soup. The Laksa had a good kick to it and had a slightly sweet taste to it, but had a good hint of shrimp paste. They use a combination of rice noodles and egg noodles in the laksa. The rice noodles were nicely cooked and had a nice taste to them and the egg noodles were great.

Plain Roti


This roti was good, but I did expect more from them. It had good flavour and seemed that there was some salt sprinkled on top. Also I thought it would of been more flakier. However, it was great to dip into the Curry Laksa.

Overall this is a very good place for a Curry Laksa and I can see why it is one of Melbourne’s favourites. The service as pretty good, but I can see it getting a bit hectic if the restaurant is full and busy. The menu is very extensive and I would like to go back one day and try their other options.

Website; Laksa King

Address; 6-12 Pin Oak Cres, Flemington, Melbourne