This is not my first time to Proud Mary and I had visited this place once before about five years ago when I lived in Melbourne. I was in Fitzroy and decided to give this place another try and see why this place is rated so highly online on TripAdvisor and Zomato and why people keep taking about it in articles online and in publications.



The bean they used was: Guatemala COE #16 – Rio Arriba. For me I did not like this nitro. It had very dark flavours and quite yeasty and tasted like a beer. The head was very frothy and did not disappear like other nitro’s I have had. It tasted actually a bit like over ripened fruit which really is not my thing. I didn’t finish it. Also what a wired cup to serve it in.

Flat White

A very sweet coffee and tasted like they put sugar in it even though I did not ask for any. The coffee is sweet and warm and no hint of bitterness or strength. Not going to repeat and come get for coffee.


I do not know how this place is so popular. Maybe because it was one of the places that started the coffee movement in Melbourne and people feel devoted to this place. It was one of the first cafes to serve a flat white in Melbourne and it actually tastes like it. The coffee tastes are all mixed up and not what I like in my coffee.

Website; Proud Mary

Address; 172 Oxford St, Collingwood, Melbourne