This place has been making quite an impression since opening in early June. People have been talking about it on social media and also on old school outlets. I thought I would give this place a try with Momma Bear as she has been trying to eat here. She walked past one day and could not see the hours of opening and didn’t even think about going online to have a look. We originally tried to go on a Sunday night, but it is not open Sunday or Monday evening so we booked for a Tuesday evening. The decor is very open, is well fitted out with some high tables and love the big open windows that look out onto the street. All food here is tapas style and we ended up ordering five dishes plus a side between us.

Small Dishes


Pastourma, Crumbed Halloumi, Nigella Seed, Rocket

A very cool presented plate, with the crumbed halloumi on top and the pastourma at the bottom. The Halloumi was beautifully cooked and had a great texture and not as chewy when grilled. The pastourma, which is thinly cured beef was also very nice and went really well with the halloumi. The rocket was a great addition adding a peppery taste to the cheese and cured meat.


Homemade Pita Bread

The pita was really nice. Nice and fluffy well seasoned with salt and some dried herbs. A great alternative for your typical carbs.



Kleftiko – Slow cooked Lamb

Not the most attractive dish, but this lamb was fantastic. The meat is from the shoulder. It was very nice and very tender with crispy burnt ends. The seasoning was spot on and great with the pita bread to soak up the leftover juices.


Spetsofai – Oikos Pork Sausage, Stewed Peppers

These sausages were also very good. Not fatty and really nicely seasoned. The stewed peppers, which I am not usually a fan of was great. It was sweet and went really well with the pork sausages.



Grilled Fish, Lentils, Capers, Avgotaraho

This dish was also great. I cannot remember what fish they use, but I am usually not a fan of the more fleshy fish, but this was cooked very well.  It was lightly seasoned and the seasoning came from the capers and the avgotaraho (salted fish roe) The lentils were tender and combining everything else it was a really nice dish.



Loukomades – Greek Honey Donuts, Walnuts, Cream

These doughnuts were fantastic. They are slightly heavy but the honey on top became like toffee which was great. The addition of the chopped walnuts and cream made this dish a perfect way to end a meal.

I can see why people are talking about this place. Seeing some of the food porn that has been posted just makes your mouth water. The food here is great and what I presume is quite authentic as the chef (a local Miramar boy) lived and cooked in Greece for a few years. I have to say the Lamb was my favourite dish then followed by the pork sausages. The food comes out quite fast and the service is pretty good. They also have their own house wine which is made in Nelson area. A great addition to the dining scene in the Eastern Suburbs. Remember to book and I will definitely go back.

Website: Oikos Hellenic Cuisine

Address: 382 Broadway, Miramar, Wellington