While I was in Taupo, I decided to try this bakery out as they were awarded  NZ Bakels Supreme Pie Awards for 2017. It is a very low key bakery with numerous certificates dating back a few years for its pies. However, the current owner has just been there over a year and tweaked the recipes and was awarded the supreme award for his venison, bacon, mushroom and cheese pie.

Venison, Bacon, Mushroom and Cheese Pie

The pastry was really nice and flaky and not thick nor dry. There were nice big pieces of mushrooms and a very nice amount of cracked pepper in the mix. Good chunks of soft venison, nice cheese and you can taste the bacon. The gravy was nice and thick and kept the pie moist. Overall a nice pie and good flavour combination.

Steak and Cheese


The kiwi classic and a bronze-winning pie. Again the pastry was really nice and slightly to be expected because of the pastry in the venison pie. The filling was good with nice chunks of steak and a good amount of cheese. Again a good amount of pepper and the gravy was of good consistency.

Custard Pie


Also decided to try another kiwi classic. This was exploding out of the pie tin it came in. The base was really nice and had a nice soft biscuit texture to it. The custard was really nice and had a good texture to it and was quite smooth. A really nice custard pie.

Overall a nice bakery in a township. The service is nice and friendly and the food is good. This place is worth a try if you ever in Taupo.

Address: 8 Horomatangi St, Taupo

Facebook Page: Fast and Fresh Bakery Cafe