Found myself back at Supreme in Woodward Street and decided to buy some beans. I really love this store mainly due to all the staff and their customer service. The staff just know their stuff especially about their beans and how to brew them. Also, they now serve espresso coffees at this store, due to their change of conditions to their lease.

De Dios el Zapote – Guatemala


I initially started brewing this coffee with 8  grams of beans to 100 grams of water through a v60, I thought it was nice but slightly wanted more depth from the bean. Ended up pushing it up to 10 grams of beans to 100 grams of water and really enjoyed the flavours of the bean.

This is a really nice warm rounded coffee and had some nice flavours of apple in the bean. It has a nice autumn taste. It is very clean and well balanced. A very nice bean.


Website: Supreme Coffee