My quest of eating fried chicken continues but in Auckland. I found this place through Instagram and Metro magazine and since I was up in Auckland for a few days, I decided to give this place a try. This place is out of the city and very hipster which you don’t really see in the CBD of Auckland. It serves fusion food of Korean and American cuisine.



Free-Farmed double fried chicken thigh, chilli glazed soy, pickled mu, shredded lettuce gochu mayo

This looked like a very appetising and well-presented burger when it arrived. You could see the bun was grilled inside, was fresh and looked like it was a brioche bun. The double fried chicken had a nice crunch and had a bit of spice to it, but I wanted more of a kick. The mayo was nice and the pickle mu or picked turnip was a good addition. Overall a very good fission burger with good Korean fried chicken.



With kimcheese sauce, creme sauce, house kimchi

These looked really interesting but were really good, but were highly recommended. I loved the kimcheese sauce and the creme sauce. However, again, I wish there was more of a kick from some spice. The kimchi was good but I also wanted a bit more of it with my fries. I did first eat this with my fingers but quickly started using chopsticks as my fingers got messy. Overall, a good variation of loaded fries.

I can see why this place is making waves in Auckland food scene. It is cheap,  it serves something different and it is good. The service is good and they also have a happy hour for cheap drinks. The one thing I do not like about this place is the location. I would like to try Tiger Burger again. However, I just do not have a need to visit Grey Lynn.


Website: Tiger Burger

Address: 549 Great North Rd, Grey Lynn, Auckland