So I have bought myself a new coffee brewing toy, which is a Hario Cold Brew Pot. I have always like cold brew and wanted to try brewing some myself. It is actually a rather easy process and to make things easier, I also bought my self a cafe style coffee grinder from Briscoes when it was on a 60% sale.


I decided to start with an easy coffee and decided to go with a blend using Supreme’s Limited Coffee Blend No. 02 2017. With beans that are Ethiopia Sede washed, Ethiopia Hanchebe Natural and Kenya Kiamabara Washed.

Cold Brew

I brew the grind for 12 hours at room temperature with 80 grams of coffee to one litre of water. I was really impressed with this brew. The sweetness comes through with no bitterness from the bean. It is a light brew with a nice summer fruit taste. A great blend for a cold brew.

Hot Brew

I also decided to see what the difference was between cold brewing the grind versus brewing the coffee in a v60. I decided to try the ratio of 12grams to 100grams of hot water.n the v60 the coffee has a very light fresh summer fruit hit at the beginning and then subtly mellows out. It was a slight tartness that lingers through but is a really smooth blend and is quite a nice warm brew. A great summer brew if you want a warm clean coffee.


Website; Supreme Coffee