Antman has been asking me where the best bahn mi in Wellington is and to be honest, I really had no idea. We have been talking about our Melbourne days when bahn mi was just so good and was cheap. In Wellington, they are not that expensive. However, they just do not seem to be good as the ones in Melbourne. I saw an article about Where’s Charlie and how people think they have the best bahn mi and I sent it on to Antman and he was intrigued. Wasp then messaged me one day and asked if I wanted to join them at Capital Market and try it. We arrived at the Capital Market and lo and behold, Where’s Charlie did not have any bahn mi to sell. We then decided to walk to the other side of the market and try Viet Food and their bahn mi.

Bahn Mi; Pork


I was actually surprised to see how long the Bahn mi was. Although it is not packed with all the different meats you usually get, this bahn mi was very good. The pork was nice and warm and there was a good amount of pickled carrot. Also a good amount of thinly sliced spring onions and pieces of coriander. I was not sure if there was any pate in the roll and what was really missing from it all was the kick from the chilli, which Wasp also commented about.

Overall a good bahn mi and quite a few other people thought so as well as they seem to be making quite a few on a Saturday. I have tried their other food before, but never wrote about it as it was alright, but I may go back just for their bahn mi.

Facebook Page: Viet Food

Address: 151 Willis St, Te Aro, Wellington