Lashings is a newish company offering brownies. It is an online company from Jackie Lee-Morrison who is originally from the UK and worked at high-end hotels and restaurants. She uses local ingredients from Wellington Chocolate Factory and Fix & Fogg.


Classic Chocolate Milk

This is quite a nice brownie and quite easy to eat. It is very smooth and has a good ratio of chocolate bites to brownie.


This was a very interesting brownie and tasted quite savoury. It was not sweet and was quite easy to eat.

Vegan Coconut Salted Caramel

This is a bit denser than the other brownies as to be expected. I could taste the salted caramel but it was hard to taste the coconut aspect of the brownie.

This is a very interesting but logical business model. The packaging is very cool and so is the marketing. They have no physical store but deliver for free in the CBD and if you do not work there you can pick them up from Photoflux a bar in Victoria Street. They also offer delivery around New Zealand for a fee. Overall a very cool and tasty product. However, for a person who does not work in the city, I am not sure if I will order them again, also you need to be organised and order them a day before.

Website; Lashings