Was driving through Taupo and decided to get some good cheap dinner for twenty teenagers and four adults. Did some research and this place came up as being highly rated. I did not know what to expect but because we had hungry teenagers we decided to stop here. We ended up getting five family packs which were ample for the whole group of us



Fish they were cooking was blue warehou. It was really nice. The fish was nice and thick and not overcooked. Had some nice batter around the fish and the fish was still slightly juicy. They batter the fish when you order it which works in this places favour

Potato Fritters

These were also battered once you get ordered them. They batter again, was really nice and the potato was nicely cooked and still had a bit of bite from the potato. Was nicely salted and we managed to get heaps.


Really good chips with a good amount of salt. Had a good crisp to them and not undercooked with the inside potato being slightly fluffy.

Overall, these were really good Fish and chips. In the Family Box were four pieces of fish, 2 battered sausages (which I did not get my hands on), four potato fritters and chips. Everything was generally cooked fresh and it was not too greasy. My students were happy, which was the best thing about it and it was not too expensive.

Address: 2/3 Rainbow Dr, Rainbow Point, Taupo

Website: The Fish Box