I decided to revisit Betty’s Burger on my last day in Melbourne, as I had a good experience there last time and I didn’t want anything too heavy before my flight back home. I went during the lunchtime rush and the servers worked really well together to give a really good service.

Crispy Chicken


Southern Fried Chicken, lettuce, tomato, Betty’s special sauce

Although this looks like a limited burger, it packs a lot of punch. The burger was toasted and tasted like a brioche bun. The lettuce made the burger more presentable and a thick slice of tomato. The chicken although eating it by itself was quite salty. However, having it with the other ingredients made this burger really good.

Thick Shakes: Chocolate


This was a damn good milkshake. It is the best one I have had in Melbourne. It was nice and thick and the chocolate taste in the shake was just amazing.

Overall a very good quick meal at Betty’s. The menu is quite cheap and the service is really good. After I ordered my food you get a buzzer. My buzzer went off and one of the servers noticed and she went and got my order for me. I noticed they basically do it for everyone. Also, they meet you at the door and take you to a table, which is different for a burger joint. Overall a good experience and I will go back and try their vegetarian option which sounds good.

Previous Visit: June 2017

Address: 97 Elizabeth St, Melbourne

Website: Betty’s Burger