Did some research on some coffee roasters in Auckland before I left. I have tried a few places and wanted to try some more. One place that was rated highly was eight thirty and conveniently was just around the corner of my hotel. When I arrived this place was nice and open with the roaster at the back. It is a great space with great natural light and a great smell.

Flat White:


Bean: The Eightthirty Standard

I had this two different times with two different baristas and I have to say that this place knows how to make a coffee. Although the bean is very “Auckland” it is still good. Both times the Flat white had great contrast between the espresso and the milk. The coffee had a really nice burnt caramel/toffee flavour that lingers towards the end with a little overall body.

Costa Rica Sonora


Brew Method: v60

This was a very light bean and tasted very lightly roasted. The brew tasted more like a herbal tea than a filter coffee, but naturally sweet. The flavours just floated around and could not really taste the different notes in the coffee. However, I did like it and wondered what it would like in a cold brew. The notes identified for this bean though were: Green Apple, Honey and Toffee.

I liked the coffee at eightthirty and I would definitely go back when I am back up in Auckland. I think I have finally found my bean of choice when I am in the CBD of Auckland. I did try to get hold of their cold brew but there was never any when I went.

Address: 16 Anzac Ave, Auckland

Website: Eightthirty