Heard good things about this place that I decided to give it a try. What I like about this place is that it is located in a courtyard and you more than likely would miss it unless you use your phone or knew where it is located next to. The menu is based on a hamburger diner with specials that change regularly.

Beef with Cheese


NZ Grass-Fed Beef Patty, Pickles, Tomato Jam, Mustard, Mayo, Aged Cheddar

When ordering this I was asked how I wanted the beef cooked, which I thought was good. Purely because they asked. As some places just cook them well done and where others cook them to medium rare without even asking. I decided to go medium rare. When it arrived, the bun was grilled on the inside and you could clearly see what was in the burger. From the bottom up was tyre tomato jam which was really nice and had bits of onion in it. The beef patty was beautifully cooked. Then aged cheddar, then some lettuce, and then finally the mustard and pickles. This was a fantastic cheeseburger.

Onion Rings


With Parmesan, Parsley and Aioli

These onion rings were perfectly cooked with the onion nice and tender on the inside and the batter nice and crisp. The parmesan on top was a very good addition and the parsley was there (i feel) for colour. The aioli was thick and really good with the onion rings.

Coffee Coffee Shake Shake


Coffee Supreme Coffee, Duck Island Vanilla Ice Cream, Naughty Milk, Caramel & Cream

I would say this is one of the most decadent milkshakes I have ever had. This was sweet and rich but it worked and I treated this as my dessert. The sweetness came from the ice cream and caramel and the coffee cream and naughty milk rounded off the sweetness. This was truly a really good combination of flavours that worked.

I can now see how this place is well talked about. Everything is fresh and they use high-quality ingredients. The service is good and the food comes out super fast. I wish I could go again soon or they open one in Wellington, but I suppose I will just need to go back when I am next in Auckland.

Address: 3B York St, Newmarket, Auckland

Website: Burger Burger