Was walking around Britomart trying to kill some time and walked past this place. I have never heard of this roaster before and did some quick research and decided to give them a try. The setup here is pretty cool with just the espresso bar kiosk and then sharing the space with another eatery that would use that space during the evening and not the daytime. They were seemed really busy, which I thought was a good sign.

Flat White


When it arrived, I was actually surprised to see the size of the cup. It was in a latte cup and not in the typical Flat White 8-10oz. In turn, the coffee was too milky for me and the bean was far too smooth and had no depth. I really didn’t like this bean and the measurements were just not right that I didn’t like the coffee either.

Cold Brew


It’s clean, bright and burst with notes of raspberries and treacle

This cold brew packed quite a punch, but not a good one. The bright flavour does burst out, but I did not taste the raspberries. What I did taste was over ripened fruit and in particular apricots. Let’s just say that I did not like this and didn’t finish it.

Altezano’s did not leave a very good impression on me at all.  I will not be back unless someone else wants to meet me there and I will not go out of my way to try their beans either. Their coffee is too Auckland for me, which is sweet and has no depth or body.

Address: 12 Shortland Street, Auckland

Website Site: Altezano Brothers