I was not going to write a post for this because I had done so a few years back, but something was nagging me to do so. Better Burgers get a lot of praises especially because of their price. Also, I just worked out that it is very much based on the burger joint In and Out on the West Coast of the United States.

Cheese Burger

Everything in this burger was fresh. Nice crisp lettuce, fresh red onion and tomato. The bun was nice and fresh and the patty was good. It was a good burger but not a fantastic burger. The sauce was nice and the gherkin was good. A good fresh burger.

I suppose for the price the burger was better than average. I feel the sauce needed to be more prominent or something that makes the burger pop a bit more. It is a very good alternative to McDonald’s but I wanted something that distinguished it more to all the other burger places opening up.

Address: 19 Vulcan Ln, Auckland

Website: Better Burger