Saw on Social Media that Supreme Coffee is producing their first Limited Roast of the year, A Cup of Excellence winner from Peru. As to be expected this roast is not cheap but I decided to buy some and see what it tastes like. I really want to try this as a cold brew, but I am not quite sure why I feel like I cannot justify using this as a bean for a Cold brew. The main reason is due to my lack of experience in cold brew technique and getting the quantities and brew time right.


v60 Brew

While brewing this bean is very fragrant and I rate this bean really highly. A nice summery brew with nice top notes of summer fruit. I can definitely taste the peach, nectarines and blackcurrant mentioned in the tasting notes.  Also at the end, I taste nice chocolate notes that leave a nice warm feeling.

Overall, a very nice coffee and Supreme have managed to roast this bean really well. Hopefully, I can get my hands on a bit more and I may try my hand at cold brewing it.


Website: Supreme Coffee