Had heard that Dumpling Company had open a new eatery on The Terrace and had a slightly different menu to their original store on Willis Street. Since I was on break, I decided to go give it a try and asked Mulan to come join me as she works on that side of town. Space is a lot bigger than their Willis street shop and also the kitchen is open, which I really liked about this place. You have to order first and then take a seat.

Bao Bao Bun: Soul Chicken


Fried Chicken, with Sweet Chilli, Cabbage, Cucumber, Kimchi

This is all the range in Wellington at the moment. Steamed bun burgers or known as Bao Buns. This bao looked impressive when this arrived. A good amount of chicken, cucumber, cabbage, spring onions and coriander. The bun was really nicely cooked and super soft and fluffy. The burger as a whole was really nice and I could have easily had two. Next time though, I will add some chilli oil to it, to give an extra well deserved, kick!

Giant Soup Dumpling


I have not had one of these since I was a kid and visited family in Hong Kong and was actually excited to see this being offered in Wellington. They give you a straw and also warn you that the soup is hot inside and did I heed that warning? No. I totally burnt my mouth as it was super hot inside. It also took some time to cool down. That aside, the dumpling was not as I expected. I thought it would have been bursting with flavour. However, it had a more natural (no MSG) taste, which I really liked. The broth inside was just like a classic Chinese soup. The skin was nice and not too thick and the filling inside was also really good. I did add chilli oil to the mix and thinking back should have added in some vinegar as well.

This is a great addition to the parliament end of The Terrace. However, it is very difficult for me to get to. The food is fresh and really nice and it is well priced. I think the price point is really good and great to see some good cheap eateries on that side of town. I will be back, but not really sure when I will get a chance. Maybe next school holidays, if I don’t skip town.

Previous Visit: Dumpling Company – Willis Street

Address: 3a, 44 The Terrace, Wellington

Facebook Page: The Dumpling Co.