The new dumpling shop in town is the The Dumpling Company bought to you by the owners of Dragon Restaurant in Tory St. I saw an article about this place in a newspaper and decided that I needed to try it. Mainly because Dragon is my main to place for Yum Cha in Wellington. So far I have been hugely disappointed with Dumplng’d and refuse to try House of Dumpling because of their prices.

Fried Dumplings


I decided to get eight dumplings and try it with their soy and chilli oil. I was surprised but pleased to see there was a small salad on the side of the box. The presentation of the dumplings were very cool with the bottom of the skins of the dumpling crispy.

Dumplings; Beef & Cumin 

These were really nice and you could definitely tell there was some cumin in the filling. These were cooked really nicely with a lot of juice in the dumpling and that just oozed out after your first bite. Just be careful you don’t eat the whole dumpling at once as you will burn your mouth.

Dumplings; Beef & Kimchi

These were also very nice with juice oozing out of the dumpling after the first bite. The flavouring and seasoning was very nice and the combination of kimchi and beef was very good, I just wish the kimchi had a bit more of a kick to it.

Chilli Dumpling; Pork & Garlic Chive


These dumplings came in a soup with a lot of coriander and spring onions on top. I do like my dumplings in soup but I was very surprised on what I tasted in the soup. It was relatively spicy but what was something I have never had in Wellington was how sour that soup was. It was really nice. A clash of the tastebuds, I suppose.  Although the dumplings were very nice I think I may of ordered the wrong dumplings for this soup, I think this flavour is more for fried dumplings. Maybe it would be better with the seafood & coriander dumpling or the chicken & mushroom  dumpling.

Overall I was impressed with The Dumpling Company, although not overly surprised. The fried dumplings were cooked really nicely and I loved the juice that just came out of them after taking a bite. I also thought the presentation of them was very different and well thought out. I thought they were priced really well and I will definitely go back to see what the other dumplings taste like.

Facebook Page; The Dumpling Company

Address: 100 Willis St, Wellington