Orpheus has been open for just over six months now on Allen Street and occupies the premise of where Muse Restaurant use to be. I have never heard anything about this place prior to going only that I have seen it when walking by. Orpheus serves Southern American  New Orleans cuisine and the owner or front of house is American. They have a very extensive cocktail list that equates to 500 different cocktails and also serve Beer, Wine and numerous selections of non-alcoholic drinks. The interesting thing about this place is that you have to order via iPads, mainly due to the extensive cocktail menu.

Hush Puppies


The Hush Puppies are served with some kind of butter on the side. They actually don’t really like that appetising, when you think about it. However, these Hush Puppies were good. Deep fried with a crisp skin and soft in the middle with jalapeños finely cut in the middle. Then you add the butter and it was so good. Everything is better with butter!

Mac and Cheese


This was not on their printed menu outside of the restaurant. However, Pepper Potts was so happy to see it on their menu when we sat down (she can never pass on a dish of mac and cheese). This mac and cheese was really good. I would say one of the best in town. It had some good spice from some jalapeños and tasted like there was some truffle oil in the dish. This was a good side dish to our main with the Hush Puppies.

DC’s Signature Southern Fried Chicken & Buttermilk Waffle


To be honest, I was surprised to see pea shoots on the dish. Who has garnish on fried chicken, waffles and maple syrup. It doesn’t make you feel any better. However, this dish was awesome. The coating was crisp and had a good spice in the coating. The waffles were nicely cooked and spongy. Then you add the spicy maple syrup. Such a great combination. This is such an american dish and they do it really well.

Overall this place produces really good food. Really good American food! I believe this place is better than Sweet Mothers and Five Boroughs. One thing, I do not like about this place is how dark inside it is especially when it is so bright outside due to daylight savings. The service is good, but weird that you order everything via the iPad. When we did order the food the waitress did come over and asked us if we wanted to have our Hush Puppies and Mac and Cheese as side dishes or as an entree. I will definitely go back and try their other dishes especially there desserts, which I could not do as I was so full eating everything else.

Website; Orpheus New Orleans Cuisine

Address; 24 Allen St, Te Aro, Wellington