Discovered these guys via Nanny’s Food Truck Instagram page. I have started to follow them and have found it rather interesting. There are several reasons why:

  1. Interested in what they sell as I am a avid coffee drinker.
  2. Interested where they are going to sell. They pedal around Wellington selling their brew on a cargo bike.
  3. Interested on how they brew their product as they post the process on Instagram.

I manage to find them on the Wellington Waterfront on a beautiful Wellington day and wanted to try them out.


This brew was really nice. It did’t actually taste like coffee.  The brew had really clean flavours and was really smooth. There were hints of summer fruit and quite creamy and rich but very easy to drink and refreshing. I think this may be my new summer drink.

I talked to the guy selling the brew and discovered that they use the water from the natural artesian Petone Springs. He also changes the beans he uses to create different brews, flavours and notes. Nitro Coffee has become quite an art form and has become very popular around the World. People’s Coffee and Mojo brew their own but I have to say Crocky’s beats them hands down.

Website: Crocky’s Cold Brew