Went out for another meal with Pappa Bear while he was in town and again he only wanted to dine some where that was in the Entertainment Book.  So off we went to Park Kitchen in Miramar. I had been here before for brunch and light snacks but never dinner and was interested to see what it was like.

Grilled Duck Wings


Josper grilled jerk duck wings, blue cheese remoulade salad

Firstly you never see duck wings on a menu. However, a workmate recommended this dish to me and I thought I would give it a try. Overall it was very nice. The wings were nicely cooked and had a charred favour to them. The sauce on the wings had a nice barbecue tang but also had a nice kick to them from the jerk seasoning. The blue cheese remoulade was also very nice and I did wonder if this dish was inspired by the american buffalo wings.

Cajun Chicken Schnitzel,


with chipotle apple slaw, peanut, sesame seeds, truffle potatoes 

When I got this dish, I was surprised to see how small the piece of chicken was. However, the cajun chicken did taste nice and was nicely seasoned and was nicely cooked. However, the chipotle apple slaw was very hard to eat. It was so bitter that I only took one mouthful and left it. The star of the show was the truffle potatoes, they were so nice. If it was not for them I would of sent my dish back and complained about the slaw.

Overall I was surprised to see how busy this place was on a Wednesday night. The service was alright but got a lot worse as the night went on. Papa Bear was not impressed with his Pork Terrine or his Fish of the day and I would agree with him. With Park Kitchen, I do not think I will be back in a hurry to eat a meal. Especially because you have Cafe Polo and Larder down the road. However, they are a different price point and I can see why people go and eat here. It is a shame because they do make a good coffee and only if the food matched it.

Website; Park Kitchen

Address; 6 Park Rd, Miramar, Wellington