I decided to go to Thorndon Fair and see what was happening over there.  As for the fair, I was slightly disappointed as there were not many stalls to buy food but it had a great community vibe to it and a great fundraiser for Thorndon School. I did though stubble over the Windy City Soda stall.  I have not heard about them before and noticed that they produced different varieties of Ginger Beer. As I am not an alcohol drinker, I generally turn to ginger beer as my go to drink and i was interested to give this a try.

Lemon and Mint Ginger Beer


For a ginger beer this drink was very refreshing. You could definitely taste the ginger in it and the addition of lemon and mint made this drink very unique. To describe the taste, It kind of tastes like a granny smith apple with ginger. I really enjoyed this drink.

Windy City sell two other varieties that I know of: Spicy ginger beer and Black Doris plum ginger beer. They are made in Wellington and sell their drink through Miss Kansta in the Capital Market in Willis Street. I small company that packs a lot of flavour in their drinks and yes it blew my socks off.

Facebook; Windy City Soda