I discovered through Instagram and Facebook that Havana Coffee and Wellington Chocolate Factory are collaborating and creating a chocolate bar. I was rather excited as two of the best Wellington boutique companies are creating something together.

Cubana Chocolate & Coffee Bar


Both the Cocoa and Coffee Bean are from Cuba with 64% cocoa. It is quite a bitter bar with hints of coffee that lingers when you let the chocolate melt on your tongue. What I do like is the chocolate is smooth and has a warm body to it with the slight sweetness that comes through later in the tasting.

Blurb inside the packaging

Overall a very nice piece of chocolate. It is not as bitter as there other dark chocolate bars Wellington Chocolate Factory produce. However, it is different in bitterness from the coffee. Like any other chocolate bar from the Wellington Chocolate Factory, this is not cheap at $14 a bar. You do not want to be eating this all at once. Just let the taste linger in your mouth instead of just scoffing it into your mouth. You can either get this at the Wellington Chocolate Factory at their shop or online or at the Havana Espresso Bar


Wellington Chocolate Factory

Havana Coffee Works