Was walking along Courtenay Place and discovered that there is a new Asian joint has opened up. It is relatively small with only three tables and designed more for takeaway which I find rather interesting. This place is more Shanghai-based cuisine, but what do I know.

Dumplings: Pork


These come in three varieties: Pork, Beef or Vegetarian and I decided pork. They are not the prettiest of dumplings but whatever. The skins on these are quite thick but match the type of dough they use for the dumpling. The filling is nice, filled with pork and Chinese chives. Also be aware that juices come rushing out when you first bit into it. They taste really nice and went especially well with the vinegar that you can add.

Beef Noodles


This came in a small bowl but for the price and what they pack in there, it is well worth it. The beef was nice and tender and the noodles, (which might be handmade) are really nice. The soup was slightly sweet and also had a bit of a kick to it, but was well seasoned and a good flavour. Also in the bowl was some bok choy. The only downside for me was the amount of coriander in there.

This place is really reasonably priced and good for a cheap eat. Everything is served takeaway style in containers or paper boxes. Most of the food is already cooked but my beef noodles were made to order. Another downside is that there was no chilli oil or any chilli on the table. Overall a good place to eat and will be interesting to see if Wellingtonians visit.

Address: 45 Courtenay Pl, Te Aro, Wellington