Pepper Potts wanted to take me out for my birthday. We were deciding between a few places but decided to try this place, as I had walked past it a few days beforehand and liked the look of the menu. To give you a bit of context, this place has taken over the old Lone Star restaurant on Tory Street. They have allowed for more natural light, taken away the old fireplace and added in a pizza oven in the back. Also, this place has been open by the former executive chef of Matterhorn.  The menu is quite extensive and found it hard to decide what to order, but manage to find something.

Spice Lamb Meatballs, Crushed Broadbeans, Pecorino


This was presented really nicely with the pea shoots and pecorino on top and a nice red tomato sauce. The meatballs were really tender and tasted really nice. It was well seasoned but I could not taste the spice. The crushed broad bean went really nicely with the tomato sauce and the meatballs. Overall a really liked this dish.

Tagliatelle, Shitake Mushrooms, Guanciale, Hens Egg


I loved the look of the egg on top of the taste. The mushrooms were cooked really nicely and as to was the guanciale (cured meant). However, I did feel the dish was over salted. The pasta was nice but was very much al dente style, with the pasta having quite a bite to it. Some people may say that it was undercooked, but I have had pasta like this in Italy. I liked this dish, but not loved it. The salt was just too heavy.

Fried Polenta and Rosemary Chips, Passata


These were unbelievable. They were nice and crispy and the rosemary in there really suited the polenta. The passata (tomato puree) on the bottom was really nice and the polenta fries worked well with it. Also, I loved the shaved cheese on top. This was a must try!

Panna Cotta, Campari Nectarines


I was slightly forced to order dessert because Pepper Potts does not like eating food in front of other people without them eating as well. I asked the waitress what to order and she suggested the pannacotta. I was impressed with the thin ginger biscuits. The pannacotta was really nice and smooth and the nectarines went really well with everything on the plate. Overall a really nice dessert.

This place is nice and a good place to eat. I liked the food but I am not sure if I would go back purely because there are just so many new places to eat in Wellington popping up. Pepper Potts had the chicken liver, which was not, but still over salted for me. She also had the gnocchi which she liked and the Fritole for the dessert.  Overall the service is good and so too the food. What is missing just the wow factor for me.

Address: 66 Tory St, Te Aro, Wellington

Website: Monte Cervino