Mads gave me a text to wish me a happy birthday. She then asked if I had tried the new cake shop in Kilbirnie. I replied no, and asked if she was free and she replied yes and the rest was history. Sugar and Flour has only been open for just two weeks and currently only opens on the weekends, but has received a lot of attention. When we arrived at 1.30pm. A lot of the items on the menu had sold out and there were only around five options to chose from. However, we manage to find something to take away our sugar cravings.

Tropical Verrine


Layers of passionfruit cremeux, mango jelly, pineapple macerated in lime and vanilla and a yoghurt crumble. Inspired by light tropical flavours GF

This looked cool and I had no idea to eat it. Mads suggested just try and take the whole thing out of the jar and then eat it that way and so I did. The advantage was, I managed to get all the different elements all together in one spoonful. When I ate this, I just had to scream “wow”. This was really nice. I loved the tartness from the passionfruit and lime, the mango jelly was beautiful and loved the crunch from the yogurt crumble. Overall a great dish.

Fig Tart


Fresh local figs on a chevre vanilla cream with a fig and balsamic jam.

When this arrived, I could not believe how cool this dish looked, with the slices of figs and the edible flowers. Mads order this and asked if I wanted to try some. The base was beautifully baked, the fresh figs were great and I loved the vanilla cream and the balsamic jam.  This was good and surprisingly not too rich or sweet.

I also had a coffee here, they use Karamu Coffee. There is no espresso machine here, but they sell a cold brew, filter, or syphon. I decided to go for a syphon. It was a good coffee.

The exterior of this place is not great, but they have done the best they can. The Interior is better, but this building, unfortunately, had not been looked after prior to Sugar Flour setting up here. The service is really good and has been busy. I do not think they expected to be so busy, but they are handling it well. I think this place will do very well and I will be back. Maybe every weekend as it is my neighbourhood.

Address: 29 Coutts Street, Kilbirnie, Wellington

Instagram: Sugar Flour