Originally tried these guys at the Newtown Fair on their debut and discovered that they were at the Dragon Boat Festival and decided to have some more of these little pieces of chicken. They were so busy at Newtown Fair, that I knew they had stuffed up my order, but as it was their debut I thought I would give them the benefit of the doubt and decided to give them another try.

G. G. Sauce


Fresh Chicken Deep Fried to Perfection Finished with a Tangy Chilli Blend Sauce and Mayo

No fries this time, but that didn’t worry me. The coleslaw was nice and I really liked the pickled turnip that they had instead of the fries. The wings were really nice. I liked the crunch to the chicken and the sauces were really nice. It had a real good kick from the chilli blend, but I would like to know if they make their own tangy chilli blend or is it straight from a bottle.

Alley G. Sauce


Fresh Chicken Deep Fried to Perfection Finished with a Thick Sweet Aromatic Soy and Mayo

I also liked this version of Korean Fried Chicken. It was sweet and I really liked the mayo that went with this variation. The chicken is really nicely cooked with a good seasoning.

I do love myself some fried chicken and I especially love it when the pieces are wings and coated with sauce. G-Chicken make some good Korean fried chicken and I like how they just sell wings but they have different varieties. When I was at Newtown Fair, I now figured out that we had the O.G. Sauce and the Nothing but a G-Thang. Although I cannot eat peanuts, both these different wings were also good, but I did have to spend my time scraping off the peanuts. Overall great wings and I wish these guys the best in their venture.

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