Surprise, surprise, another eatery has opened in Wellington. This place opens to the back of The Lanes on Wakefield Street and also has it’s own entrance on Tory, but looks like it is owned by the same people. Lucky Strike is predominantly an outdoor eating experience, which is really surprising. However, I suspect you can eat inside of Lanes if it is too windy or raining. I like the initial setup and I can in early to make sure that I could try some of their smoked meat.

Loaded Fries


with today’ds special meat and cheese

To be honest, I have no idea why I ordered this. I suppose my eyes were bigger than my stomach. The plate was loaded with really nice crisp well-cooked wedges (even though they are the typical wedges), with a generous amount of melted cheese on top and also a really good amount of smoked brisket on top. These loaded fries were some of the best, I have ever had. The sour cream was a good idea. However, I do feel that sweet chilli is so 2000 and has to be banned as a condiment in today’s eateries.

Beef Brisket


with Slaw, Mash and Gravy

First off, great to see nice generous amounts of meat served on the plate. The slaw was really nice and was well seasoned. I really liked the mash and great to see it was made out of real potatoes. The gravy was a really nice addition to the mash and also the brisket. But of course, you order the dish for the brisket and it was really good. It was smoked really nicely and had a nice flavour to it. Good solid five pieces of smoked brisket and the barbeque sauce was really nice. Not too overpowering and works really well to tie everything together.

Even though we were there at 5.40pm. People had already arrived to order the smoked meat even though it was not ready till 6 and it was all sold out by 6.30. There really do only serve a limited amount of smoked meat. I would say roughly around 20 to 30 plates worth. If you do manage to get it, you know it is going to be freshly smoked and have a good flavour to it. Besides the smoked meat, this places also sell’s burgers and pizzas, which I suspect is very similar to the food on offer at The Lanes. Overall the service is not bad, but it will be interesting to see what happens to this place during the winter.

Adress: 12-14 Tory St, Te Aro, Wellington

Website: Lucky Strike Beer and Brisket