Was walking around the Old Underground BNZ Foodcourt on Willis Street and I noticed that they had a new food stall and that they were specialising in more Malaysian / Singapore cuisine. They had a Curry Laksa on the menu and so I thought I would give it a try and what it tasted like.

Curry Laksa


When this was ready, you can definitely smell it and what you smell is the glorious smell of shrimp paste. The smell of this curry laksa bought me back to another laksa that was served in Wellington over 10 years ago and I wonder if there is a connection somehow. The laksa itself is fantastic. I loved the soup. It was heavy in chilli and heavy in shrimp paste. It was great! The tofu was nice and soft and obviously had soaked up some of the laksa soup. The mussel was fresh and the half boiled egg was just slightly undercooked and was great. Also in the laksa was some slices of chicken, bean sprouts, some slice of fish cake and egg noodles. In the end, there was hardly anything left as I also drunk most of the soup.

A great Laksa and damn cheap. It was made fast and the only problem was trying to find a seat during lunchtime in the food court. It was served hot in heat and in spice.

Address: Underground, 1 Willis St, Wellington