Found myself in The new Press Hall with Buttercup. We had a bit of an adventure in the morning and she asked what about lunch and I suggest that we try one of the newly opened eateries at The Press Hall. The layout of this place is pretty cool, except for the Japanese place, which is hidden in a corner, but overall, it is a nice modern twist on a food court. Bao Boy has opened it’s first permanent store here and basically has one of the best locations in the food court and we decided to give it a try.

Breaking Bao


Fress Range Bacon, Tamagoyaki Egg, Chilli Jam, Spring Onion and Sesame Seeds

This is a new addition to the menu (I think) and I really liked this one. I loved the chilli jam and how the egg was cooked. The bacon was really nice, but I do wish there were two rashes. Everything just worked really well and I loved this one.



Crackiling Free Range Pork, Asian Slaw, Black Mustard Seed Pickles, Oyster Sauce, Sesame Seeds

I had tried this one before at their Pop-up at Moore Wilsons and they have changed it slightly, but not a lot. Basically, it has one slice of pork, and the pickles are cut thinly and can be spread around the bao more easily.  I liked the second change, but obviously not the first. Overall the bun is good and it does miss the second piece of meat. Also, I did find it slightly too salty for me but Buttercup really liked her and did not notice it.



Deep Fried Milk Bun Donuts, Cinnamon Sugar, Condensed Milk, Black Doris Plum Drizzle

A lot of people have been commented about these doughnuts or social and I can now see why. They are just so good. I love the crispness of the dough and I love the combination of the cinnamon sugar and condensed milk, but I really like the tartness that comes from the Black Doris Plum drizzle. A great little guilty pleasure.

Overall a great place to get a cheap feed with good quality food. You do need at least two of them to full you up but I love how you can get the variety between the different ones. The food comes out fast and it is good. Great to see a permanent place for Bao Boy.

Previous Visit: Feb 2017

Address: 78 Willis St, Wellington

Website: Bao Boy