Went to Nelson for the weekend to see B1 and B2. B2 picked me up from the airport and we decided to head into the Nelson central to do a few things but also to have lunch. B2 suggested this place and I thought I cannot go pass a burger. The place was relatively busy but we manage to get a table outside which was good.

Return of the Mac


Beef Patty, Mac & Cheese, Bacon, Shallots, Tomato, Lettuce

This looked like a good burger with good height. I was slightly surprised to see the mac and cheese lose and not in its own patty and was apprehensive that the macaroni would fall out. The patty was of good thickness and had a good slice of bacon. The bacon was really nice and had a nice smoked honey flavour to it. The beef patty was nice but I thought it would be not as thoroughly cooked and more pink with the juices running out. Overall this was a good burger and I liked the mac and cheese in it.


The fries looked like they were prepared and cooked on-site. They were rather thin but with the skin on. They tasted really nice with some nice flavour from the skins and a nice seasoning of salt.

Chocolate Milkshake


Presentation-wise, this did look good but it did also look quite sweet with the chocolate sauce on the side with chocolate sprinkles and with extra cream on top. The cream did taste like it had a bit of strawberry syrup to it which was actually quite nice. I decided to mix it together with the milkshake. Overall the milkshake was good but it was quite sweet and rich. Also, it wasn’t smaller than the ones I have had in Wellington but it was so much richer. So it was a good idea to offer it in a smaller glass.

Overall the food here is really good and I would go back to try their other burgers. The service is really good and the food came out quite fast. I liked the outside seating and just the vibe it gives off. I definitely go back if the opportunity arrives.

Address: 279 Trafalgar St, Nelson

Website: Burger Culture