B1 wanted to show me around her little area where she grew up and as we were hungry we stopped by the local fish and chip. This place was pumping with a lot of people eating their food outside and enjoying the people watching. We decided to order ours and then head around the building to east on the wharf and look at Rabbit Island.


Deep Fried Fish: Deep Sea Cod

This was one piece of damn good fish. The batter was nice and crisp with a good seasoning of pepper and salt and the fish was beautifully cooked and fresh. Some of the best fish I have had in a while.


These were also really nice as the oil was fresh and didn’t have a weird aftertaste. A good amount of salt was sprinkled on and had a good crisp outside.

Potato Fritter

This looked really good but actually wasn’t that nice. It seemed to me that the potato was mashed and then put into a flat pattie. It tasted liked you were earring leather and really had no flavour to it.

Overall this place makes really good fish and chips and can we why people eat here. The fish was really good and nicely seasoned. I was surprised though that not many people eat at the wharf, it is a nice scenic place to eat. Just don’t feed the seagulls, which I did. Big mistake as the birds went crazy afterwards. Also, this place also smokes their own fish would I didn’t try but look nice.

Address: 6 Aranui Rd, Best Island, Mapua

Website: The Smokehouse