Decided to try this place with Pepper Potts. It has recently opened in the past few months and has become quite popular with the foodie scene in Wellington. It has been opened by one of the previous chefs at Chow and has a really good atmosphere to it except for the acoustics which is pretty bad in the restaurant. The food is based on Vietnamese cuisine with a mixture of other inspirations from around Asia and New Zealand.

Crying Tiger


Sear Beef Fillet Wrapping Leaves with Spicy Citrus Dipping Sauce

This was presented with lots of colour. The beef was cooked beautifully with it being quite pink. The finely chopped tomato, cucumber and mint was a nice addition placed on the beef. The lettuce was good but not really necessary. However, the sauce was really good and had a great kick from the spice and from the citrus. Also was a great sauce to use with the other dishes.

Freshly Caught Ceviche


Lime Oil, Chilli, Vietnamese Mint & Sesame Rice Crackers

Another great presentation of a dish. The rice crackers were thick and crisp and the sesame added a nice subtle taste to the cracker. The ceviche was really nice and fresh, and I loved the heat from the chilli and the taste of lime in the fish. Great dish.

Cashew Pecking Duck


with Corriander, Spring Onion, Lemon Grass and Hoisin Chilli Sauce

So many different elements to this dish. The duck was really nice and was seasoned nicely with the cashews adding a bit of different flavour to the duck. The hoisin sauce was nice with added dried shallots on top. The pickled carrot and turnip were really nice and the fresh mint and coriander you could add to the lettuce and duck added great flavours. Overall a really nice dish was Pepper Potts favourite of the night.

Salt & Pepper Soft Shell Crab


Pickled Cucumber, Coriander and Kimchi Mayo

This was a great bao sandwich. The soft shell crab was cooked really nicely and had a nice seasoning on it. The bao was really nice and fluffy and when adding in the kimchi mayo made this a fantastic bao with a good kick.

Banana Leaf Salmon


Chilli Jam, Coconut Cream & Kaffir Lime

So presentation wise, this was not great. However, the salmon was nicely cooked and surprisingly this was not too rich. The coconut cream was nice with the salmon and the chilli jam was great, but was slightly too much on the sweet side and not enough on the spicy side. Overall, I liked this dish and would have been good with a side dish of rice.

Bahn Flan


Silky Sweet Caramel Flan

Pepper Potts was really looking forward to this. However, it looked like the flan had split in the setting process. I tried some first and I was actually not that impressed with it and just thought that this place was not good at desserts. However, Pepper Potts tried it and didn’t like it either, she only managed three teaspoons of it. It tasted bitter because of the burnt sugar on top and seemed like there was no sugar in the flan.  It was truely disgusting.

Coconut Pannacotta


with Seasonal Berries

Although Pepper Potts had a bad experience with her dessert. Main was fantastic. The Pannacotta was nice and smooth and had a really nice strong coconut taste. The seasonal berries were really nice and toned down the sweetness of the pannacotta. A truly good dessert and felt guilty for Pepper Potts dessert, so I let her finish mine.

We ended up sending back the flan to the kitchen and they asked us if we wanted a replacement. Pepper Potts declined the offer but the Matre’d bought us one anyway, we refused again because we didn’t want to ruin an overall very good meal. However, the flans looked different between the two, which we had a bit of a laugh about. Pepper Potts also saw one of the chefs tried the flan and let’s just say his facial expressions were not that pleased with what he tasted.

Overall, I really liked Old Quarter, the food was really nice and came out quite fast. However, the serves were not great. They were good at filling water, but not great at anticipating the customer’s needs, never asking us if we wanted dessert or what we wanted to order for dessert and just standing behind the bar worrying about the Uber Eats orders and not the customer’s actually sitting down in front of them. Will I go back?Yes and hopefully I will have a better dining experience.

Address: 39 Dixon Street, Te Aro, Wellington

Website: The Old Quarter