So it was that time of year again. It’s is Momma Bear’s Birthday. She hummed and hawed about it and decided upon going to Jano. However, it was closed as they were having a well-deserved break and so she decided to go to The Chameleon. So it is two years in a row for her to go to this place for her birthday, but she enjoys it. I also invited her brother to join us, which he didn’t realise that it was Momma Bear’s Birthday until they brought out a surprise dessert for her.

The menu arrangement is still the same. Basically, all the dishes on the menu are all the same size (between the size of an entree and a main) and you decide to have one, two or three plates. We all decided to have two plates but also have a birthday treat.

Six Freshly Shucked Oysters (Bluff)


with shallot chardonnay vinegar, cucumber granita & Balsamic pearls

This was Momma Bears special treat as she loves bluff oyster.  They were really nice, creamy, smooth and fresh. I especially liked them with the shallot chardonnay vinegar. Yummy!

Mt Cook Alpine Salmon Hot Smoked


with Watercress Coulis, Kale, Tomato Relish, Lemon and Orange Salt, Radicchio

This salmon was smoked/cooked beautifully. The piece of salmon was of good size as it did not become too rich and felt like the right amount. The kale was dried and added a nice crunch to the salmon and the tomato relish was lovely and slightly sweet, which added contrast to the bitter radicchio. Overall a very nice salmon dish.

Silver Fern Farms Venison Short Loin


with Fig, Cauliflower Goat Curd Puree, Beetroot, Beet Kraut, Beetroot Tile, Sorrel

This was one of the dishes entered into the Silver Farm competition. The venison was cooked beautifully and had a lovely dark purple colour but a crisp bottom. the fig with the puree went really well and I loved the bits of goat curd in there. the beetroot was really nice and the beetroot tile was nice and crisp. the beet kraut added contrast to the everything else and tied everything together really nicely.

Petit Fours Assortment


Macrons, Chocolates, Biscotti & Panaforte

This was a complimentary dessert as it was Momma Bears birthday. There was a lot on the plate for a petite four and I wonder if they just doubled it. the housemade marshmallow was really nice and also slightly grilled. There were two types of chocolates. One with an orange rind and the other just a chocolate truffle.  I really like the second one. the biscotti were nicely made and crisp and the macrons were good. Overall a lovely dish to finish the meal.

Momma bear had the Soft Shell Crab, persimmon, beansprout, cucumber, coriander, coastal greens and kimchi mayo.  I managed to try some and it was a fantastic dish. the crab was fried perfectly and the persimmon went really well with the crab. I did have slight food envy.  She also had the aged beef, but I thought my second dish was better.

overall yet again, a very nice dinner at The Chameleon. The service was really good, the food was fantastic and the atmosphere is nice and open. I can see why Momma bear loves coming here. I just wonder if it will be three in a row for next year.

Previous Visits: March 2015, March 2017

Address; Corner of Panama and Customhouse Quay, Wellington

Website: Chameleon Restaurant