The Mother’s of the Big Wellington Family decided to go to Chameleon for Mother’s Day Dinner. When we were teenagers this was the traditional place we went to for Mother’s Day as it was one of my Grandmother’s favourite places. However, we have not been back as a family for a good 20 years. I have been here a few times as this is also one of Momma Bear’s favourite restaurant and the standard has always been good. So back we went after 20 years as a large family.


Crusty Hot Baked Loaf w Lewis Road Smoked Butter

This bread was really nice and light. However, of course the star was the butter. It had a very nice smoked flavour to the butter and it worked really well.



Tuna Rouette or Rillette or something like that. This was really nice with some semi-cooked tuna and a nice piece of dried bread. It had a great textures and a really nice burst of taste. Yummy!

Duck Breast


Twice cooked with Burnt Miso, Won Book, Gingered Kumara, Master Stock

This was presented really nicely with the duck presented the way it was with the burnt miso placed on top. The duck was beautifully cooked and the won book and kumara was presented as a mash under the duck. The master stock had some aniseed flavour in it and when you mix it all together the dish was so nice. I really loved this dish.

Beef Tenderloin


Mushroom Ragout, Roast Parmesan Gnocchi, Button Onion, Asparagus 

Again another beautifully presented dish. The beef was beautifully cooked to just under medium rare and tender. The gnocchi looked very cool as too were the button onions. Overall the dish was really good. The gnocchi packed a lot of punch and were fluffy.  The beef was beautiful and when you mixed all the different elements together the dish really worked.

Roasted Cauliflower, Lagneh sauce, Sumac, Hazelnut, Mint, Olive Oil

This was a really nice side. The cauliflower was still crisp and all the other elements bought the whole thing together. The mint added to the dish and heightened the flavour combination in the dish.

Porcini-salted Shoestring Fries with Truffle Mayo

Eldest cousin order these and not surprised, as he is all class! However, they were nice and the fries were nice and crisp. The truffle mayo was a good combination and was rather rich when you added too much to the fries.

Valrhona Chocolate Torte with Mandarin Sorbet


This was a stunning dessert. The chocolate torte was beautiful and was not overly rich or sweet. The sorbet was nice and did not have an over powering mandarin flavour. Just a great way to end a good meal.

Overall this place serves very good food with great service. I feel people underestimate this restaurant because it is connected to a hotel. The decor is modern and the food matches the decor with the staff very knowledgeable and astute. We were a table of 12 and had to have the set menu was very nice and it satisfied the whole group. We also had a toddler on the table and he loved the spaghetti bolognese (I actually tried some and it was really nice). We also used the Entertainment Book and that was a bonus. Also if you ask nicely you can park your car at the front, give the concierge your key and they will look after your car for you.

Previous Visit: March 2015

Website; Chameleon Restaurant

Address; Corner of Panama and Customhouse Quay, Wellington