Was walking down Tory Street and turned into Holland St to take a short cut. While I was walking though the street I remembered there was a Coffee Roaster. I had a bit of time and thought I would go and have a look at the place. The place has no signs outside. The only way you know it is a Coffee Roaster is by seeing the coffee machines and a blackboard that is inside with Raglan Roast written on it. I decided to order a flat white and a scone, and decided to have a seat inside.

Flat White


A nice coffee. The roast they used had a darkness to it that carried some bitterness and strength, but it also had a smooth end to it. The colour was good but not as dark as other coffees in Wellington. However, it was really well made. The barista has skills.

Savoury Scone


The savoury scone was a; roast potato and feta with pickled onion scone. I have to say, I usually do not go for savoury scones but I was glad that I did. The scone was moist and the quantities of all the different elements were nicely matched. I did add butter to my scone and it made it even better.

The is the first time I have tried Raglan Roast Coffee and I do not think it will be my last. They are not as well known in Wellington, I do not think and they have little coffee shops in tiny cracks in Wellington. Besides the one in Holland Street, they also have one in Able Smith St and also on Herd Street just on the Waterfront. They make a good coffee. Not as strong as other places but still a good coffee and better than other places for coffee in Wellington.

Website; Raglan Roast

Address; 12 Holland St, Te Aro, Wellington