Had a bit of time art Muri Beach waiting to go on Captain Tama’s Lagoon Cruize. So my friend and I decided to go for a bit of a walk around Muri. It was a rather short walk and ended up at this little cafe to get something to eat before we departed. A nice cafe with great outside seating and a great opportunity to watch time pass by, but we couldn’t do it without sampling a few things.

Double Chocolate Doughnut


This was a good doughnut. Nice dough and nicely fried. I really like the chocolate on top of the dough and the chocolate finger on it. The only downside was there was no filling inside. So I do wonder why it is called a double chocolate doughnut. Maybe because of the chocolate finger.

Caramel Cream Doughnut


Also, a good doughnut and I liked the caramel cream. However, again no filling on the on the inside. I just wonder if they just cook all these doughnuts and just put the filling on the top to save time. I think they would have been better with the filling on the inside as well.

Almond Croissant


I always like myself an almond croissant. However, this was not a great one. The croissant was really dry and no almond paste inside. It was just baked on the outside with almond flakes on top.

Overall a really nice cafe, but could do better and take a bit more time/care with their products. Just those little extra things would make this place fantastic in my opinion. All the other food in the cabinets looks good and they also do hot food to order if you want that. I love the outdoor seating and the building that it is in.

Address: Ara Tapu, Ngatangiia District, Cook Islands

Facebook Page: LBV Bakery & Cafe