Found myself at a catch up with some old workmates who included Mads and Buttercup. It was school holidays and we had time to laze with good company. I decided to try Chocolate Frog as I had not been there for ages, but also because it is easy to park and easy to get to. Also, they have a nice little-covered courtyard that you can sit at even when it is cold or wet outside.

DDT – Delicious Deluxe Toastie


Bacon, Hashbrown, Cheese, Tomato, Sweet Chilli Sauce, Toasted and top with Hollandaise

So this brought me back to the “naughties”, a panini sandwich. I thought maybe it would have been an actual sandwich with a thickish cut of two pieces of toasted bread. However, I was wrong.  The bread was crisp and all the ingredients inside were really nice and together matched well. I did like the hollandaise sauce on top, but there could have been less. I also did like the side of chutney and sour cream. However, a good dish, but a bit dated.

Hummingbird Cake

This was a good cake, I really liked the cream cheese icing on top and the cake was nice and moist. What the cake did lack was the passionfruit. There just didn’t seem to be a lot in there, due to the lack of crunch from the seeds.

Flate White


They use Supreme coffee here. Although it was not really dark, it was a good white flat. The contrast between the espresso shot and the milk was good. I do appreciate a good flat white.

Overall, I do like the food here. Plus it is a really convenient place to have some good food. However, I have to say the food is rather dated and does need an update. It gets really busy here as I think people think it is good and reliable and it is. I suspect this place is also good at afternoon tea time when you just want a cake and a drink.

Address: 61-69 Miramar Ave, Miramar, Wellington

Facebook Page: The Chocolate Frog