A family member that has just recently moved to Wellington told me that she visits this place on a very regular basis and order a specific dish. I have been here before but a long time ago and decided to give it another try and see what is good about this dish.

Hot & Sour Soup with Dumplings + Beef Tendons


This is an impressive little bowl of goodness that is packed to the brim. The soup was really nice and had a nice kick and a nice sourness from the vinegar. I did, however, only order medium kick from the spice but the next time I think I will go hot. The beef tendons were really nice and tender and dumplings were good but were made of beef mince and I would have prefered pork mince.  Overall a good bowl of dumplings and soup.

Hot & Sour Soup Glass Noodles: Beef and Tendons +Grilled Squid


When I got this, I was instantly gutted and wanted to facepalm myself. On top, it was littered with chopped peanuts and I am allergic to them. With a bit of precision, lots of experience and a hell of a lot of luck, I managed to get all the peanuts off the dish. Besides the peanuts, this was a fantastic bowl of goodness. The beef was nice and tender, the tendons were nicely cooked and silky smooth. The squid was flavoured nicely and nicely cooked. The glass noodles had a nice texture and soft with heads of it in the bowl. The soup was good and was quite easy to eat even though I ordered it spicy hot.

Trying this different dishes have really made me appreciate how good the Capital Markets really are. There are so many different stalls offering different types of cuisine. Noodle Man is great and I really do love their food. Their Hot and Spicy soup is just so good even on a warm day.  I will go back for good cheap eat unless I go to Oriental Blue instead.

Previous Visits: September 2015

Address: 151 Willis Street, Te Aro, Wellington

Facebook Page: Noodle Man