Found myself back at the Aro Cafe with Buttercup. I had won a voucher from a work raffle and decided to use it. We arrived just before midday and although it was busy we did manage to get a table at the back.  The menu had changed slightly since I had last been here and surprisingly had quite a few vegetarian options.

House Smoked Fish Hash w Poached Egg, Fresh Herbs and Lemon


This looked good when it came to the table. I loved seeing the chunks of fish and potato, the fresh herbs and a slice of lemon. When it arrived, I was asked if I wanted freshly cracked pepper, which I accept. The dish was really nice, I loved the crispness of the potato, the smoked fish was moist and had a nice subtle smoked flavour. The herbs were nice and adding in the poached egg was fantastic. I also squirted the lemon, which was good. However, I would have appreciated if they removed the seeds from the lemon as I did end up swallowing quite a few. Overall a really nice dish and not overly smokey or fishy.

Flat White


Although I liked the coffee they served me last time. This time I was not as impressed. The coffee was weaker and did lack the punch I was expecting. Looked nice though.

Again a good place overall. Buttercup had the hotcakes and they came with tamarillos and looked really good. The service was attentive but too attentive for us. The server didn’t give us time to look at the menu before they asked us what we wanted to eat and did the same when they asked us if we wanted something to drink. The place became busier after we arrived and I suppose arriving slightly before midday did pay off.

Address: 90 Aro St, Aro Valley, Wellington

Website: Aro Cafe