Another opportunity to have classic New York Food. We decided to go here in the morning and get bagels for us for lunch as we had a busy day organised for the students. This place was close to our accommodation and rated highly on social media so what could go wrong.

Cream Cheese with Everything Bagel


I got this toasted, but looking back I do not know why as I ate it a few hours after I ordered it. The bagel was so good being chewy, fresh with great flavour and I loved the garlic flakes and salt in the everything bagel. The amount of cream cheese was crazy but enough you could eat the bottom first and then the top or vice versa. This was such a great classic bagel.

Lox Spread with Everything Bagel


Another great bagel. The cheese spread had lots of smoked salmon in it and so much cheaper than the Salmon Salad bagel.  Again, tones of cream cheese, that I at the top first and then the bottom, but so heavy that I only ended up only eating half of it.

Salmon Salad with Poppy Seed Bagel


I got this half from one of my students as they didn’t like it and I was happy to have the other half. The salmon was packed with salmon, capers, tomato, red onion and cream cheese. This bagel was not toasted and the juice from the tomato and cream cheese had soaked into the bagel making it slightly wet. This bagel was just fantastic and so good and fresh. I loved this combination and could not let this bagel go to waste.

Overall this place is great for bagels. Some flavours could be on the expensive side. However, there were plenty of options if you want a cheaper option. The sandwiches and paninis in the cabinet were loaded with fillings and looked so good but I wanted the bagel option. Service was fast and accommodated the party very well and didn’t have to wait too long to get everyone’s order through.

Address: 2658 Broadway, New York

Address: Broadway Bagels Cafe