Found ourselves in the awesome Oculus Building at the Westfield Mall. Although the main shopping area is complete there is still a few empty shops or places being fitted out. Surprisingly, there are not really many eateries here. However, we did manage to find a Japanese place, where some of my group ate when the others of course went to a fast-food outlet.



I was actually going to have sushi, but I wanted something hot for lunch and something fresh with vegetables and decided to try their bibimbap. Although it is not served in a stone bowl here was their version. It looked easy to have, all ready to takeaway which made the ordering quick. I mixed all the ingredients together and it was not to bad. It was interesting to have cooked egg pieces, but I loved the kale and green leaves and the carrot. The beef had a nice flavour and I loved the red spicy sauce on it.

Seaweed Salad


I really liked this seaweed salad, but there was also some green leaves at the bottom half of the cup. The weird thing was how it was separated and difficult to eat if you wanted to mix the seaweed salad and the green leaves.

Overall, this place was alright and I discovered that this company is originally from the UK and has started opening up eateries in New York. This place was busy and a lot of suits ate here. It is fast and cheap.

Address: Tower One Suit LL3115, 185 Greenwich St, New York

Facebook: Wasabi