Day Two and I took the group on a walking tour around New York. We were in China Town and thought I would take my students to this place. I was surprised though, that half of my students took the plunge and had this and the other half decided to have a slight mutiny and wanted McDonald’s or secretly ate another student’s food that they ordered here. I decided to go here, just to open my student’s eyes to different food offerings in NYC that are cheap, fresh and good.

Chinese Sausage, Egg and Scallion Rice Roll


I also added hoisin, soy sauce and chilli sauce to this. This is exactly the same as the last time I went. It was steaming hot and fresh. It was just so good, but I didn’t initially add enough soy sauce. The Chinese sausage adds a nice flavour as does the scallions (spring onions). Also, I love adding the egg to it.

Pork, Egg and Scallion Rice Roll


Again, I also added hoisin, soy sauce and sirachi sauce to this. Again, a very soft, fresh and hot food. It was so good and very filling. I love this combination and was better than the Chinese sausage one.

This place is great for super fresh, hot and cheap Chinese food. It cost me all $5. In the past, I only use to order in Chinese but the shop owners do have limited English and it wasn’t too difficult for my students to order, although I did help at times. My cousins in NYC also talk about this place and I was happy to get the opportunity to visit again. The students that ordered the food here like this place found it filling. The students that hid that they were eating this, liked it, but at the time didn’t want to tell me because they made such a fuss about wanting McDonald’s. The only problem eating here is it is takeaway only and the students ended up eating on the street but was no biggie.

Previous Visit: January 2015

Address: 58 Henry St, New York