First night in New York after 24 plus hours to get there with 33 people in my travelling group of students and teachers. Most of the students were tired and hungry and after doing some quick research I decided that we will try this place for dinner. Although the students wanted a franchise pizza at Papa Johns. I put my foot down and gave them the opportunity to try some genuine New York Pizza. I also decided to go to this place as it was close to our accommodation on the Upper West side at the HI Hostel NYC.

Cheese Pizza


Yes, I was tired and hungry and just wanted something quick to eat and then go to sleep. This was a good pizza for the first night. I had not had a real NYC pizza for a few years and this was a good pizza not to ruin my love of NYC pizza. This base was nice and thin and had a nice tomato base and lots of cheese. What else do you want from a traditional New York slice?


Yep, on the first night, I kept to the basics. This was also a nice pizza, to which I also added chilli flakes. The pizza was hot and the pepperoni was good. What I did not know, was it was the same pizza as my cheese pizza and all they did was add pepperoni to it before they reheated it in the pizza oven. Made a lot of sense but still very good.

For someplace close to the HI Hostel in NYC. This is a great place. although it was small, it easily accommodated my group of 33, although some students ate outside. It was fast, accommodated for all my group and their different dietary requirements and the staff were nice and just a great first meal in the city that never sleeps.

Address: 5023, 2640 Broadway, New York, NY 10025

Website: Cheesy Pizza