Mumma Bear wanted to go back to Oikos for dinner and this time she also invited my Uncle as well. It has been about a year since Oikos has opened and as it was the night that I was going to go away for a work trip and didn’t want to cook. I took the opportunity to visit this place again with open arms. The menu has slightly changed since I have last been,  but they have kept the popular dishes which is good.

Village Salad


Tomato, Cucumber Olives, Red Onion, Feta, Oregano

This was one chunky salad. However, it was just so good. A simple salad with fresh tomato, cucumber and thin slices of red onion. Then you add the oil, olives and a thick chunk of feta and you had a really good salad.

Cauliflower Kokkinisto


Overbaked Cauliflower, Tomato, Olives, Pine Nuts

This was interesting. I didn’t even know it was the cauliflower dish until Momma Bear said something. Although I thought it needed more seasoning, I really liked it, The cauliflower was nice and buttery smooth. The olives added some saltiness and the tomato was a great base. A simple dish but so good.



Slow Cooked Lamb Shoulder

I had this the last time and was just so good Momma Bear ordered it again so her brother could try it. In this bowl is a just pure slow cooked lamb and it is just so good.



Oikos Pork Sausage, Butter Beans, Pine Nuts

Also Momma Bear ordered this because she loves how dense these sausages are. They are so good and jam-packed with meat and great flavour. Then you add the butter beans with tomato and you have a great dish.



Fried Baby Octopus, White Taramosalata, Grilled Homemade Bread, Olives

I ordered this one and really liked it. I lovered the crunchiness from the squid and then you have a really nice dup to go with it, which is a Fish Roe Dip. I also loved the fresh bits of leaves and the olives. Unfortunately, I did not manage to try the bread but it looked good.

As expected this place produce a great meal with great service. We didn’t notice the specials, which is a shame, as they sounded good. The food came out fast and although I did not have a dessert as I was so full, Momma Bear ordered one and it was just so good. I great restaurant in the Eastern suburbs, which I love and also does Uberearts

Previous Visit: August 2017

Address: 382 Broadway, Miramar, Wellington

Website: Oikos Hellenic Cusine