I have walked past this place so many times on a Saturday but have never been in. I knew that it was another branch from their original eatery in Petone but also had never been to that one. However, one day, I walked past during a weekday and discovered that it gets quite busy. I looked online and it was rated quite highly, so I decided to give this place a try. I did go in on a Saturday and it was quite quiet compared to what I saw on a weekday.

Iskender Meal: Mixed Doner


Served on Rice with Hummus, Jajik, Beetroot Dip, Flat Bread, Mixed Salad, Mild Chilli and Yogurt Sauce

I decided not to go for the typical doner kebab and go for a rice dish. When the dish I was surprised by how jam-packed it was with all the food on the plate. There was an ample amount of salad and they were not shy on the amount of hummus, jajik and beetroot dip on the salad. Also, I was surprised to see how much meat there was on the plate. I really liked the beetroot dip and the garlic yogurt. The meat was nicely seasoned and everything worked really well together. I was sad to see that there was no flatbread and instead, there was a cumin-infused bread that was toasted. I liked the bread but would have preferred some flatbread. Overall a good dish and really filling and well priced.

Will I go back? Totally yes. I am not really a kebab eater anymore but I do love Turkish food. The food served here was fresh and I loved their sauces. I would love to try their other food and see what else they make especially their falafel .

Address: 19 Manners St, Te Aro, Wellington

Website: Kilim Turkish Cafe