Found myself at Shake Shack after some of my students wanted to return and have some burgers. I have been to Shake Shack before but I do wonder does then quality go down after opening so many eateries in such a shortish time.



Single Cheeseburger topped with Lettuce, Tomato, ShakeSauce

What I loved about this burger is the colour in the tomatoes and the lettuce. They look more natural than what you get from other fast food chains. The bun was grilled on the inside and it was nice to have the fresh tomato and lettuce. The patty was really nice, especially with the cheese. Is it as good as I last remembered it? Well, it was better than the previous time I had it but not as good as I have had it. Maybe because I went to a branch that was busy but not too busy.



The fries were nicely cooked, crisp and nicely seasoned. Some of the best fries I have had at Shake Shake.

Shake: Coffee Fair Trade


I had been on a coffee detox while I have been away, due to American having really bad coffee. However, when it is a milkshake I could not say no. This was a great milkshake and had a nice flavour to it. Even better dipping your fries into it.

This would have been one of the best Shake Shack experiences I have had. The joint I went to was busy and the food did take a bit of time to come out, but it was not too busy that the quality deteriorated because they were rushed and wanted to get the food out. My students were happy and pleased that they had an opportunity to try Shake Shack.

Address: 200 Broadway, New York

Website: Shake Shack